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Traffic Information

Wenzhou has set up a complete and good sea, land and air transportation system. Its airport opens aviation routes to 58 cities at home and 2 regions abroad, while its seaport maintains cargo shipping services to all other coastal cities in China and establishes shipping trade contacts with over 50 ports in more than 10 countries and regions, within its borders highways total 4,806.34 kilometers.


Wenzhou Yongqiang airport, be located southeast place the urban district 24 kilometers, the Wenzhou airport opened 60 domestic services, and has cleared to Hong Kong, Macau's local route.

Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport


From Wenzhou Train Station passengers may go directly to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and so on. Wenzhou has already become one of the 45 main hub cities.

Jin Wen Railroad Terminal


Within the boundaries of road Wenzhou the existing road total course is 4,111 kilometers, the highway transportation extends in all directions, 104 federal highways and 330 federal highways have passed through the north and south, From 95, invests 9.1 billion Yuan, construction Yong Tai wan highway Wenzhou section and Jinli highway Wenzhou section, in which the Wenzhou bridge surmounts the Oujiang River span 17.1 kilometers. Heilongjiang to the Hainan Sanya highway Wenzhou section is constructing. Wenzhou has the new south station, the new town station, the west station, the east station, the passenger transportation center, the Huanglong six long-distance motor stations and Feixia bridge, west of Ou sea, Oubei three suburbs motor stations, every day some more than 1,000 roads passenger transportation class line sends out each place, its mid-span province passenger transportation class line 130, occupies head of the national.


Wenzhou Port lies on the southeast coast of China with Ningbo Port in the north and Fuzhou Port in the south. In the southeast, Kaohsiung and Keelung of Taiwan are separated by the sea. It locates the Economic Delta of Yangtse River which is led by Pudong, Shanghai. The port's coastline is 350-kilometre-long. With the superiority in geography, Wenzhou Port is one of the 25 main coastal ports of China and the center of offshore transportation and ocean shipping of southern Zhejiang Province, playing an important role in the integrated transportation system of China.

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